Monday, November 2, 2009

wget as a python tool

In daily life most of us use graphical dowload managers like kget. Windows users can talk about flashget, also. As many gui alternatives wget is one of the effecive download software for linux.

Also it can be used like a tool for software programmers. You can use it in your python code:

Yet antoher firefox logo problem solving

firefox original logo

Most of linux users prefer Archlinux because of the rollover package-magament system or it' s clean and fast. It is my favourite distro, too. But there are some issues that must be handled, such as firefox branding.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to have original firefox logos and name on ubuntu karmic koala

firefox icon

Most of my friends started to use Ubuntu these days. They use firefox web browser on Linux as well as Windows. However, When they try to join firefox, they have found a an ugly icon and an ugly name. They are not aware of the trademarks of firefox, also I think they don't care. They all are end-user.

And I' ve searched the official ubuntu repository. I' ve found a package can replace the icons and name 'Shiretoko' with original Firefox logo and the name.

All you need is to install firefox-3.5-branding package with apt:

sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5-branding

And you will get a nicer and original interface of firefox as the girl above  did:)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Three important thing to pay attention while installing gentoo

use flag
There is always an evolution in the users of linux. This free world with its free softwares and different distro choices encourages them to try new things in their computer. First, you start with installing ubuntu. It is got a very clear installation meanwhile installing it is easier than installing XP. After a month you feel ubuntu a little bit heavy and feel it doesn' t allow you to costumize your PC. Than, you install debian, fedora, archlinux and one of the final steps "gentoo".

Gentoo has a hard installation for the front-end users. It has lots of settings and configuration files you have to set. However, it bring more functionality than most of the other distros.

The first important thing is "/etc/make.conf" file. This file determines the compiling options for compiler in use (for example gcc,gcj). And in this file you can also set some issues about softwares between hardware. You can set hardware options, input devices, local language etc. In here you can select your architecture than compile the software for your computers properties.

The second one is the use flags. Use flags are the most important thing in phylosophy of gentoo.In gentoo softwares come with use flag. For example: you want to install pidgin to make msn conversations. And you don't use yahoo or icq. So you compile it with,
USE="msn -icq -yahoo" emerge -av pidgin
command. Actually this must be a local use flag; however you can find use flag explanation in official gentoo site.

As you can see in make.conf file we can  compile the software for our architecture and what ve want it to be compiled.Another important issue is compiling the kernel. When you write to console
make menuconfig
an interface that configures kernel configuration file will welcome you. you can set the kernel modules and the kernel options.A little kernel may be more smart; however it also wouldn' t support most devices.

The another things in gentoo installation guide is not much important. If you want gentoo be your linux choise you must work on these topic before/ or after installation.